PICK-N-PULL - Frequently Asked Questions

South Texas' Largest Self-Service Auto Parts Location.

If you don’t find the answer to your question in the list below, please contact us at your convenience.

Q: Do you have the part I need for my vehicle?

A: With over 4500 vehicles on 30 acres at our facility, we have a large selection of parts to fill your parts needs.

Q: Do you pull the parts for me? (2 Answers)

A1: Bring your own tools, PICK your parts and PULL off big SAVINGS! You must bring your own tools, and pull your own parts. All parts vehicles are up on wheel stands to provide access to any parts you may need. We have Wheelbarrows, Wagons, and Engine Pulling Gantry Cranes for free! Customers may not bring Jacks, Circular Saws, Torches, or Generators without Spark Arrestors into the yard. Battery powered tools ARE allowed.

A2: Here at PICK-N-PULL , we are always looking for ways to make your parts buying experience as easy and convenient as possible. In keeping with this philosophy, we have compiled a list of Independent Parts Pullers to assist you in your search for parts. These individuals will give you an estimate for the service they will provide for you.

Q: Do you buy junk cars?

A: We Buy More, Because We Pay More for JUNK CARS than all other buyers in the San Antonio area. When you sell us your vehicle one of our Professional Drivers will show up, in one of our late model company wreckers, pay you more than all other buyers for your junk car or truck and we will pick up from your location FREE of CHARGE! Call our Friendly Professional Phone Operators at 210-298-5420 .

Q: How much do you pay for junk cars and wrecks?

A: We Buy More, Because We Pay More for JUNK CARS than all other buyers in the San Antonio area. If you have a vehicle you would like to sell, please call us at 210-298-5420 for a free quote or fill out the Online Form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Q: Will you pick up my junk car?

A: When you sell us your vehicle, one of our Professional Drivers will show up, in one of our late model company wreckers, pay you more for your junk car or truck than all other buyers, and we pick up from your location FREE of CHARGE!

Q: Do you require a title to buy my vehicle?

A: Yes, you must have a title when we buy your vehicle. In lieu of the title, we can also accept an “Auction Sales Receipt,” “Mechanic’s Lien,” “Storage Lien”. Please call 210-298-5420 for a quote and one of our Friendly Professional Phone Operators will ask what documentation you have, so they can verify if it’s an acceptable document!

Q: What about POA and COA’s?

A: We prefer to pick up vehicles with a Clear Title which has been properly assigned by the owners. However, if you do not have a title, and your vehicles meets the POA or COA requirements, we may be able to purchase your vehicle. Please call 210-298-5420 and speak with one of our Friendly Professional Phone Operators to see if your vehicle meets the requirements.

Q: Why do some parts have a “Core Charge?”

Because Pick-N-Pull is an Automobile Recycler, we charge a “Core Charge” on certain types of automobile parts that are considered recyclable. This means they have a “core” price representing part of that value, which is used as a deposit to encourage you to return your old part instead of throwing it in your trash can. Here's how the Core Charge works:

  • The Core Charge deposit is charged at the time of purchase
  • When the recyclable component from your old part is returned to us within 14 days, the charge is refunded to you.

Q: What Is an Environmental Fee?

As a leading automotive recycler, Pick-N-Pull, Inc. is required to comply with various federal, state, and local regulations and policies related to recycling, processing, and/or disposal of potentially hazardous materials we handle at our Automotive Recycling yard. This includes treatment of waste fluids, disposal of dead batteries, recycling of tires, and many other toxic or dangerous materials that could harm the environment.

Through our compliance in these areas, Pick-N-Pull, Inc. keeps our community - and our environment as a whole - cleaner and safer for all. It also helps keep Pick-N-Pull, Inc. customers and employees safe at our facility.

Like other Automotive Recycling operations in our industry, Pick-N-Pull, Inc. charges an environmental fee to help offset the significant, rising costs of complying with these environmental safety standards and compliance requirements. Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep our facility safe and our community and environment clean.

Yard Information

Yard Hours

Cashier Closes 15 Minutes After Closing


$1.00 Yard Entrance Fee

Must be at least 16 Years of Age to Enter the Yard.

New Years Day We Open at 10:00 AM
Closed Thanksgiving Day
Closed Christmas Day


11795 Applewhite Rd
San Antonio, TX 78224

90 Day Warranty

90 Day Warranty available on all Parts except Tires and Batteries Read More