PICK-N-PULL 90 Day Warranty

Warranties are cheap Insurance against the part being defective, our Warranty is simple, and we charge 10% of the cost of the part for 90 days worth of insurance on USED PARTS that we are already selling at 50-70% less than NEW.

90 Day Warranty available on all our Parts except Tires and Batteries (see below), this is a 90 day No Questions Asked Warranty. If you buy a door and get in an accident we will give you “In Store Credit” for the cost of your part not including Taxes or Environmental Fees.

Batteries: Used Batteries come with a 30 day Warranty, Reconditioned Batteries come with a 90 Day Warranty.

PICK-N-PULL makes no representations or warranties as to the usability of any tires. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to have tires professionally inspected, mounted and installed. Tire carcasses are provided at no cost and are deemed to be unfit for road use on a passenger vehicle and should not be utilized for such use under any circumstances. Driving on damaged tires is dangerous. A damaged tire can suddenly fail leading to situations that may result in serious personal injury or death. Tires should be regularly inspected by a qualified tire service professional.