Quality and difference greet you as you enter Pick-N-Pull, Inc. We have worked hard to be a welcomed, dependable neighbor in San Antonio and our efforts show every day.

Upon entering our store, you will be greeted by one of our Friendly and Helpful Customer Service Representatives. They can help you locate your vehicle in the yard and they can also give you a list of available vehicles that may also meet your needs.

Our Friendly and Helpful Customer Service Representatives can help you with FREE Parts Interchange. You will receive a printout of all the vehicles in the yard, that have the part you are looking for.

As you head towards our yard, we have a Free Shuttle that will take you around the yard and deliver you close to the area you need to go to.

Bring Your Own Tools and Pull Your Own Parts.

Or if you don’t know how to remove the parts you need or you just don’t have the time, we have Independent Parts Pullers available to pull the parts for you.

Bring Your Parts to the Cashier and Pay. When you leave with the parts you need you’ll be happy that you saved 50-70% over new.

We also offer a low cost warranty option, the warranty costs 10% of the parts price for a 90 day Warranty.

Saving money is a great reward and part of every sale at Pick-N-Pull, Inc.

Just bring some tools and walk away with hand-selected, quality used auto parts for less. We invite you to enjoy the Pick-N-Pull, Inc., difference.